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Our Values

We have four core values that guide every decision we make here: Love, Integrity, Leadership, and Play.

LOVE to us means engaging in relationships where individuals are honoured and our community thrives. INTEGRITY means being committed to transparent practice and making sure our organizational structures uphold our values. LEADERSHIP here is all about cultivating courageous leadership where our people recognize themselves as difference makers. And last, but certainly not least, is PLAY—because learning should be fun! Play might look trivial on the surface, but we look deeper. Our educators are co-explorers who are most definitely in cahoots with the kids! They encourage children to take initiative as they imagine and create, explore and problem solve, and clown around. Together, it adds up to fun that helps everyone make sense of all the different aspects of life.

We talk about community often, because it is so important to us to be a welcoming and inclusive space. But we also encourage individuality and celebrate uniqueness. "Come as you are" is not just something we say—we mean it! We work hard to create equitable and responsive environments and relationships that help people flourish. We prioritize emotional and social health by nurturing and protecting a true sense of belonging for all humans. We value and respect our community and treat everyone with kindness, understanding, and a spirit of generosity. That’s how we build trust—by being there for others and nurturing the relationships we make.

In short, we are on a mission to create a vibrant, vital community where people connect and engage in joyful discovery.

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